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Envy and Jealousy Colorado leather fest

Envy and Jealousy - Colorado leather fest 2018 Session
This is a post form Caroline Shahbaz and Peter Chirinos that was given at the Colorado leather fest 2018 I hope you enjoy it .
The dark side of Master slave dynamics can often encompass ugly behaviors stemming from envy and jealousy. These are generally borne out of deeply rooted insecurities which certain situations can trigger. Their exposure can conjure up devastating guilt, dread, shame, fear of abandonment, and loss. Sometimes we are aware, often not, of that which is dark in us; our tendency is to hide it and deny its existence; we rarely seek to face it. However, there is certain blessing in that most of us are wired with a deep compulsion to explore the underbelly of our psyche, and in doing so, bring it into the light to affirm and validate our authentic broken selves. That is the ‘grace’ in the dark side of dynamics.
Drawing on personal and professional experiences, slave caroline offers some provocative thoughts on the beneficial function of envy and jealousy in our Master slave dynamics. After taking this class participants will be able to:
• Identify the difference between envy and jealousy
• Understand how envy impacts M/s dynamics
• Understand how jealousy impacts M/s dynamics
• Explore ways in which to mitigate the effects of envy and jealousy
Presented by Caroline Shahbaz and Peter Chirinos
#coloradoleatherfest #clf_2018 #presenters #lcaroline_shahbaz #peter_chirinos


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