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Cici Rhodes Slave Positions Video

Featuring: Cici Rhodes

Slave Cici Rhodes is wonderful. She is elegant and enticing as she runs through the slave positions I have taught her. Not just any slave gets to learn my slave positions, but she has proven herself over and over. I can tell she has practiced, and practiced often, as she spreads her pussy and ass. Watch slave Cici Rhodes show off her sexy body and diligent practice.

Sarah Blake’s Reverse Prayer

Featuring: Sarah Blake

Dirty Slave Girl Sarah is Bound
Sarah Blake is a naughty slut. With make-up smeared over her face she resembles a doll that has been played with way too much, or in her case, playing with herself way too much. She spreads her pussy wide open, sticking slippery latex gloves into her wet hole. I bind her in a reverse prayer, toss her on the floor, and force her to lick up her cum like the hot little bitch in heat that she is.

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