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Sarah Blake Spanking Video

Featuring: Sarah Blake

slave Sarah Blake comes from pain and loves being spanked. I hold her over my knees and warm up her ass, quickly building intensity until she is struggling through both the pain and the arousal. I bring her to the edge and taunt her with orgasm. She wants it so bad, but she has to beg before I will allow her to come for Me. I love to see a slave work hard for sexual release, especially one this beautiful...

Venus Fair Breasts in Pain Bettine Matthias Damon

Featuring: Bettine

I was asked by Master Mattias to tie his slave Bettien so he cold play with her on stage his slave Bettine is a extreme pain slut so he wanted to display her at Venus fair in Germany so I got my red rope and decided I would take her to a place where she could feel the predicament of pulling on her tits as she moves her elbow bound tits so a bit of extreme bondage and some painfull bob torture and her Master could go to town on her and enjoy using her and displaying her .

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