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Shae Snow BRATTY BLONDE video full movie

This movie with slave Shae Snow has three scenes the first She is feeling me watch her and enjoys answering my questions as she feels me take her control . This strawberry Blond has lived her life being able to get what she wants... Now I take what I want . Strawberry Blond sexy slave Shea Snow is such a flirt . She wants you to take control she wants you to want her . But there is more to it then that she is a bit of a brat she want you to make her know you are in-charge she wants to know you will do what you want with her and that she wont the second Slave Shae Snow wanted to be challenged she is a brat. She had experienced some bondage in her own bedroom, but mostly just in her mind. Shae shares with me some super dirty fantasies. Fantasies you just have to hear for yourself. After hearing Shae's dirty dreams, I tie her with my Japanese natural hemp rope to a very cool vintage chair to create just the right environment for her to explore the submission and masochism she seeks. I decorate slave Shae with black and white clips. Her incredible breasts grow pinker and pinker as the clips wiggle with her struggle. She loves to be a brat, to put up a sassy front. I use pussy clips and torture to get dispel with that. I shave her hairy pussy and feed it to her. She breaks down beautifully, learning she doesn't have to pretend to be so strong. She is human, a slave to bondage, a slave to her pussy, to her urges and demented fantasies. IN this last tie Slave shae Snow is a bratty redhead and I push the penis gag face harness in her face hole and tie her up with my Japanese Rope and suspend her with one leg up so I can get to her hairy pussy. She is one of those girls that likes the look of her pussy hair so I know I will make her pout when I shave her pussy bald and when she is shaved she will be extra sensitive so I will make this brat cum and cum . I also like to spank her with my belt she is a brat and I treat her as she should be treated.

Added: 11/01/2018 | 05:31


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