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Slave Boi's Percussive Restraint Video

Slave Boi is a nonbinary, genderqueer, trans, 24/7, real-life, live-in slave to a Mistress and Ffamily. Slave Boi is incredibly fun to play with because not only does Slave Boi enjoy pain, he is also able to articulate the complicated mental processes of breast beatings. What Slave Boi would call his "rack"! In this video, Slave Boi experiences an emotional response to a "mindfuck" beating. It begins with Boi bound openly, seated and vulnerable. Head held back by rope. A series of impactful beatings ensue. Flogging, pounding, punching, caning. At time's Slave Boi spews lovely tears, a release. Slave Boi looks almost to moves into his binds, not against them, to give into them. Bound to be free. Slave Boi takes us on that journey. Watch his skin rally to a red, listen to his breathing quicken to a panic, see how he calms and settles back down with my breath. Only to start it again. To play with fire (literally - I loved burning Boi's armpit hair off). Boi is a surely a slave to bondage, one we are so grateful to have played with and learned from. Slave Boi demonstrates how bondage and beatings are more than purely physical acts. They are full of emotional meaning. Full of psychological significance. And full of potential for self-exploration.

Added: 07/07/2018 | 14:05


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